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10 Sex Tips How To Become A Sex Mistress!

Men talked and decided what they want in bed from you to be satisfied!

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It’s not the simplest thing in the world to figure out what your partner asks for in bed. It is reasonable to make mistakes, as he does too. But we found for you the 10 Tips that Men suggest so that you do not have… voids and enjoy sex as you dream it!

1. Make the First Move

Men can not read your mind and they are afraid to make the first move, fearing rejection. However, if you do and show that you know what you are asking for, he will automatically take courage. Try it and you will not regret…

2. Ask What you Like

This may be the most important thing for men. If it makes you feel good at that moment, reward him. Do not forget that he needs encouragement even if he does not tell you. Silence will lead to embarrassment and embarrassment to bad sex.

3. Behave in Oral Sex

It is a common secret that men love oral sex. The boys therefore advise you not to react as if it is a miserable thing. Show tenderness and tactic…

4. Haircut or Shave

So here the men gave a strange answer and you have to read it. They seem to prefer haircut to the sensitive area, despite shaving. If they say so, why not trust them!

5. Show No Worry and Keep Character

Did you sleep with him in the first or second appointment? The boys swear nothing matters! However, the next day, you should reply to his message that he might send you and you should not leave any sign that you regret it. Your character is the one who attracts a man and never forget that!

6. Do Not Wear Underwear at the Date

Here we go completely to the other end. The truth is that you will feel more sexy and always have success… But, remember to tell him that you “forgot” it and let him wonder all night ,if it is true, till you get home!

7. Constant Touch

When you go out for a drink, try to touch him constantly and flirt with him. There is nothing more beautiful than contact before sex and boys appreciate it…

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8. A little… 50 shades of Gray

Men are sovereign beings. So they ask for absolute control over sex. Let your loved one make Christian Gray and enjoy… Moreover, you can try sometimes the role of Helena, just to flirt a little harder!

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9. Be Adventurous

Do not be afraid to try new trends. Variety is the one that will make your erotic life more spicy! So you have the… “blessings” of men to become more adventurous!

10. The Hustle and bustle is Good

At the time of sex let your voice be heard and you will feel even more liberated. Men ask for it and they want to hear you say and scream with passion…
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